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Avoid The Deer To Avoid An Auto Insurance Antioch, CA Claim

How your auto insurance Antioch CA policy will work for you and the deer this season. If you love the cool fall weather, you are not alone. So do deer! While seeing a family of grazing deer on the side of the road is a welcome sight during a busy morning commute, you may have the complete opposite feelings if

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Protect Your House From A Wildfire With These Tips

Wildfire Safety 101 California is still in the middle of one of the worst droughts in history, which means a very dangerous wildfire season. Wildfires can start in just seconds and cause serious damage to homes and properties. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your house stays safe from any wildfires this season. Before a wildfire sparks: Take

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Fully Enjoy The Water With These Safety Tips

Boating Safety Before the warm summer weather is gone, there is still time to take your boat out for a couple more days of relaxation. Knowing how to stay safe can help to make sure that you can fully enjoy the day. Keep these boating safety tips in mind before you back your boat into the water. Check the weather

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Keep Your Home Safe With These Home Technologies

New Home Technology Almost everyone is connected to some type of technology at any given moment of the day. From smartphones that are never out of arms reach, to cars that can park and stop themselves, new technology is helping to make life a little easier. New home technology is going a step further, and making life easier while also

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Keeping Your Teen Safe on the Road

Safe Passenger Tips When your teen gets their license, it is not uncommon to have a strange mixture of emotions. From the pride you feel for your teen for taking the next step in their life, to the fear you feel about letting them out on the road, having a teen driver in the family can be a stressful time.

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