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Almost everyone is connected to some type of technology at any given moment of the day. From smartphones that are never out of arms reach, to cars that can park and stop themselves, new technology is helping to make life a little easier. New home technology is going a step further, and making life easier while also making you safe. Consider these new home security tech gadgets to bring into your home in the future.

Best New Home Security Technologies

  • Smart smoke detectors – new smoke detectors can do much more than just detect a fire in your home. Some smoke detectors that have already hit the market, such as models from Birdi or Nest, use various sensors to test the air, and then relay the results straight to your smartphone. They will send you a text or voice message that can alert you to emergencies or other issues in your house.
  • Bluetooth deadbolts – these systems allow you to unlock your door with a simple touch of your finger while your smartphone or fob stays in your pocket. You can also send an electronic code to others from your smartphone as a backup. Some of the models will even send your phone a picture of who is at the door so that you do not have any surprises.
  • Connected security camera systems – the most useful technology that you can install in your house is a home security system. The newest versions of the standard security systems are designed to let you know what is going on in every inch of your home. They can stream the video of your home to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, allowing you to check on your house at any time.

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