Keeping Your Teen Safe on the Road

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When your teen gets their license, it is not uncommon to have a strange mixture of emotions. From the pride you feel for your teen for taking the next step in their life, to the fear you feel about letting them out on the road, having a teen driver in the family can be a stressful time. It can be even more stressful when you start to imagine them driving around with all their friends. To help make sure that your children stay safe while in the car with another teen driver, teach them these safe passenger tips.

How to Be a Good Passenger

  • Do not add any stress – avoid any situations that could put more stress on the driver, including pointing out anything that they are doing wrong. Never pressure the driver to make any risky moves or speed to get to the destination faster.
  • Work as a group – if there are multiple passengers in the car, work as a group to stay safe. Talk quietly to each other, and avoid any loud noises or gestures that could be distracting or stressful to the driver. It is also important that everyone who is in the car is paying attention to what is going on outside.
  • Put away any electronics – if you are on your cell phone, the driver may think that it is alright if they take theirs out. Instead, focus on the road, and offer to help make a phone call or send a text for the driver if they start reaching for their phone.

In addition to making sure that your teen knows how to be a safe passenger, having the right auto insurance coverage can ensure that they are protected from any peril on the road. Contact the insurance professionals at Jack Stone Insurance Agency in Antioch, California for all of your car insurance needs.

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