RV Insurance in Brentwood, CA

RV Insurance Brentwood CA

Protect Your Recreational Vehicle, Motorhome, and Travel Trailer with the Right RV Insurance in Brentwood, CA

Owning a recreational vehicle can be a dream come true for many travelers. An RV opens up the road for opportunities and adventures, allowing Americans to see the many splendors and sights our great nation has to offer. Whether you are hitting PCH at sunset, trudging through the hot desert, or heading east to explore cities, an RV can get you there. With your vehicle comes the responsibility to protect your RV, travel trailer, or motorhome. RV insurance in Brentwood, CA can help you do just that.

Your RV is more than just a vehicle – it’s your home on wheels that shelters your family and belongings. Just like your home, your recreational vehicle is a big investment that should be protected. RV insurance is a convenient way to ensure the protection of you, your passengers, and your belongings on the road.

RV Insurance Coverage

RV  coverage includes policies for motorhomes, campers, and travel trailers. Standard RV insurance coverage includes:

  • Collision Coverage for loss or damage to your recreational vehicle resulting from a covered incident.
  • Comprehensive Coverage as extra protection against losses such as fire, theft, vandalism, collisions with animals, and more.
  • Bodily Injury Liability is designed to pay for medical expenses to others after an accident.
  • Property Damage Liability can help to cover the cost of damages caused by you to another person’s property. 
The following covers can be added for increased protection:
  • Medical Payments coverage
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Towing
  • Personal Effective Coverage
  • Vacation Liability Coverage
  • And more!

Keep in mind that if you have very valuable items in your RV, you should name those items on your RV insurance policy to better protect them. For example, if you have a big screen TV, jewelry, or are transporting a high-value collection, you should ensure those items have coverage in the event of a claim.

RV’s are used for a variety of purposes. Your RV insurance premiums will vary depending on the type of vehicle and how much you travel. Contact the team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency for a comprehensive evaluation of your needs for RV insurance in Brentwood, CA. We can help you find and secure the right insurance today.


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