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From your deck to your decorations, safeguard your property with quality homeowners insurance in Brentwood, CA.

Your home is your castle. You take care of it, maintain it throughout the seasons, and make family memories within it. Whether you are buying your first home, relocating to the area, or simply reviewing protection, understand how home coverage can help. One of the best ways to care for your property is to protect it with reliable homeowners insurance in Brentwood, CA.

Homeowners insurance provides coverage in the event of damage to your property, as well as liability for injuries and damage you cause to other people on your property. While home insurance is comprehensive coverage, there are some circumstances that it does not cover. That is why the team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency take the time to get to our clients, understand their needs, and then craft a comprehensive risk management policy for them.

What Does Homeowners Insurance in Brentwood, CA Cover?

Your Home

Your home should be insured for an amount based on the replacement cost value of your dwelling, not to be confused for the price that you paid for it. This cover will help you to rebuild and repair your home after a fire, hail storm, vandalism event, and other covered perils.

Personal Property

From your furnishings to family heirlooms in the attic, home insurance can safeguard your belongings. Home insurance covers the personal belongings no matter where they are in the world – not just inside the home. Personal belongings include items such as furniture, electronics, clothing, sporting equipment, musical instruments, jewelry, silverware, and more. If you have items of high value, additional coverage is advised.


This coverage protects the policyholder and their family members from lawsuits of bodily injury or property damage in which they are to blame. It will help to pay for court courts as well as any rewards ordered to pay in court, up to the limit of the policy.

Additional Living Expenses (ALE)

This portion of home insurance covers the cost of staying elsewhere if your home becomes uninhabitable by a covered peril. Additional living expenses help to pay for hotel bills, restaurant meals, and other costs associated with being away from home.

Every insurance policy is different, just as each home is unique. While standard home insurance coverage can offer a wide range of protection, there are a number of things that home insurance will not cover. Be aware that earthquake damage and flood damage are common perils that are excluded from coverage. For such protection, you must purchase flood insurance and earthquake insurance policy separately.

As a well-established independent agency, Jack Stone Insurance Agency has the competitive advantage of being able to get to know your needs and tailor coverage to suit your lifestyle, assets, and budget. When you buy a home, you require protection that you can feel good about. Find out how we can make a difference with quality homeowners insurance in Brentwood, CA and beyond.

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