Workouts Done Wrong: Get In Shape & Avoid Injury!

Pushing yourself too hard and overtraining are all common exercise mistakes that can damage your routine and health!

Smart ways to get in shape and prevent injury 

Many of us are attempting to complete our New Year’s resolutions of getting fit and staying in shape. However, most of us are also not professional fitness instructors. For us mere mortals that aren’t all lean muscle, when it comes to exercising, we are haphazardly doing routines and regimes that may not be correct to form.

This year, train without getting sidelined due to a fitness injury. Here are some top tips to keep you safely exercising!

  • Warm up –Do 10 minutes of light cardio before jumping into your routine! This ensures that your muscles and surrounding tissue receive enough blood and nutrients to perform any required tasks during the actual exercises.
  • Stretching your muscles – This is a must! Pre- and post-workout stretch enough so that your muscles increase in flexibility and allows you to perform better during your main workout and minimize the risk of injury!
  • Hydration – Never workout without drinking water beforehand or having a bottle handy during exercise. If you do, before you know it, your system will shut down with minor or major collateral damage in the form of injuries.
  • Nutrition – Your body is like an engine: it needs fuel! Feed your body the necessary protein post-workout to repay any muscle fiber damage is of course equally important as the pre-workout carb consumption!
  • Rest – Avoid over-training and take at least one day off from your fitness regime each week. If you feel extremely sore or exhausted or experience physical discomfort, pause your fitness routine.

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