Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Your Home While Away on Vacation

Protect Your Home While Away on VacationThe top ways on how to protect your home while away on vacation.

The start of summer means that plenty of people are packing up their holiday essentials and traveling the county, state, or the world. Every year, between June and August, families, couples, and individuals opt to enjoy their summer in a foreign location. While you may be packed and ready to go, do you know to protect your home while away on vacation?

According to FBI statistics, most communities will experience a 10 to 18 percent increase in home burglaries during this time. After all, a house that is vacant for ten days can be tempting for any burglar.

Put these do’s and don’ts into practice so that you can kick back and relax on your vacation knowing that your home is safe and sound.


  • Make sure that all the doors and windows are locked and fastened. Doors should have deadbolt locks!
  • Examine your house from the street and make sure that there are no valuables (like expensive electronics or artwork) can be seen from the road. If a passer-by can see your belongings, so can criminals.
  • Secure sliding glass doors by placing a metal rod or piece of plywood in the track to prevent an intruder from forcing the door open.
  • Unplug the power to your automatic garage door to keep thieves from opening it.
  • Make it appears as if you’re at home. Use timers on lights, radios, and televisions.
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check in on the house, collect the mail, and water your plants.


  • Leave clues that you’re away. No matter how excited you are, don’t post your plans on social media. If people see that you’re away for two weeks, they may be tempted to enter your home.
  • Close your curtains! This is a clear indication that no one is home.
  • Hide a key outdoors for your neighbor or friend. Burglars know the best hiding places better than you do.

Be sure to add ‘review home insurance’ to your list of things to do! You should check your current coverage and update your protection for when you’re away. Visit Jack Stone Insurance Agency, serving Brentwood and Antioch in California, to get in touch with an agent who can help you get the most comprehensive homeowners insurance at the most competitive price.

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