Does My Auto Insurance Cover Rental Vehicles?

Summertime means getting away from the norm and experiencing something different. But before you rent a vehicle to explore a different city or state, it’s worth reviewing your coverage on your personal auto insurance in Antioch, CA. In some cases, your current coverage can extend to rental vehicles. That means that you may not need to purchase the insurance that the rental car assistant tries to sell you.

Before you sign any paperwork at the rental car office, call your auto insurance agent and ask if your car insurance covers a rental car. If you don’t have liability cover, comprehensive, and collision coverage on your own vehicle, then your insurance may not cover your rental vehicle if you are involved in a collision or damage the rented vehicle. It’s also wise to keep in mind the purpose of the trip. If your personal auto insurance doesn’t cover business use, you may not be have any coverage if you rent a car for a business trip.

In addition to coverage from your auto insurance policy, your credit card may be able to help you out. If you use the credit card to pay for the rental, the credit card company may provide some sort of insurance coverage, usually collision insurance. However, it’s essential to check with your credit card company before you rent to understand exactly what coverage – if any – they can offer you.

Knowing whether or not your car insurance covers your rental vehicle isn’t always a simple yes or no answer. There are many factors to consider, which is why it is wise to contact your insurance agent before going on a trip. When looking for reliable coverage, talk to the professionals at Jack Stone Insurance Agency. We provide quality car insurance for your needs in Antioch, Brentwood, and neighboring cities in CA.

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