Homeowners Insurance in Antioch, CA Can Protect Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Homeowners Insurance in Antioch, CAYour homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA helps to safeguard your home, always.

Don’t let the excitement of a much-needed vacation blind you to the risks of your home unprotected. Whether you’re going to travel to foreign lands or your favorite city in the next state, it’s essential that homeowners take precautions before they head out of the door. This is where any homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA policy steps in to protect.

Here are the top ways in which to protect your home while you’re on vacation!

Hire a House-Sitter
The best way to make sure that your house is safe while you’re away is to have someone you trust living in it or checking up on it daily. Ask a friend or neighbor to water the plants, feed the pets, pick up the newspapers, and check that your home isn’t at risk of any damage.

Ask Your Neighborhood Watch
If you have a neighborhood watch group in your area, you can ask them to keep an eye on your home, too. It is another way of making sure that your premises are being watched.

Make Your Home Lived In
An occupied home looks lived in. Create the illusion that the residence is still occupied by investing in timers that will turn lights on and off. If burglars see that people are home, they’re less tempted to go snooping.

Lock Up
This is an essential (and obvious) piece of advice! Check that all of your doors and windows are all locked. If you have deadbolts, use them!

Pull the Plug on Devices
Unplug all of your devices before you leave so that the risk of electrical damages is reduced. It also saves money on your electricity bill!

Review Your Homeowners Insurance
Keep your homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA up to date with your needs and your location in the world! Get started on your tailored policy by contacting the industry experts at Jack Stone Insurance Agency, serving Brentwood, Antioch, and nearby locations in Southern California.

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