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Safe Driving Tips for Heavy Rain and Snow

Winter is here! Safe driving tips for the ice-laced roads ahead. For anyone driving on the road, severe weather can be frightening and dangerous. The wintery conditions of rain, snow, hail, and fog can make driving a real challenge for motorists. While the weather turns not-so-ideal for your commute, check out these safe driving tips for heavy rain and snow!

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Maneuvering Your Way Around Winter Driving

How your auto insurance Antioch, CA policy can keep you protected on winter roads. While you may be thinking that California isn’t exactly known for its snow and ice in winter, be warned that the upcoming weather (hint, El Niño) is due to come sooner rather than later! While California is basking in the sunshine and bright days right now,

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How To: Prevent Water Damage And An Antioch, CA Homeowners Insurance Claim

What to expect from your homeowner insurance Antioch CA policy after home water damage. Coming home to find one of your pipes has sprung a leak can be enough to ruin any good mood. Along with trying to salvage any of your personal belongings that you can, you also have to figure out what it means for your homeowners insurance

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What You Need To Know About El Nino

El Nino Predictions El Nino is a periodic warming of the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean that typically lasts between six and 18 months. Weather experts are predicting that El Nino weather conditions have a 90 percent chance of lasting all the way through the upcoming winter and an 80 percent chance of lasting into the spring of 2016.

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