Maneuvering Your Way Around Winter Driving

auto insurance Antioch CAHow your auto insurance Antioch, CA policy can keep you protected on winter roads.

While you may be thinking that California isn’t exactly known for its snow and ice in winter, be warned that the upcoming weather (hint, El Niño) is due to come sooner rather than later! While California is basking in the sunshine and bright days right now, this winter is predicted to be a wet one, with possible snow and ice.

With that information in hand, or if you’re traveling to snow country this holiday season, be sure to use these useful (and, of course, safe) tips along with you for the ride:

  • Tune it up: Get your car in good condition before hitting the road! From checking the brakes to topping up the antifreeze to making sure the wipers, defroster, and heating systems are working, include these in your tune up checklist!
  • Snow way you’re getting stuck: Make sure that you have a mini shovel, ice melt, a bag of salt, and tire chains in case the worst happens and you’re treading on thin ice (pun intended.)
  • 20/20 vision: Always clear your windshield and window before setting off. Use the ice scraper if needed, and turn the car defroster on for a quicker way to melt the ice.
  • Slow and steady around corners: The most likely occurrence in California is when black ice builds up on roads that never see the sun. Be extra careful on shady roads and corners.
  • Reduce your speed: Remember that rain, ice, and salted rains affect your traction on the road. This can increase your stopping distance, so you should reduce your speed (it’s all in the maths…) Avoid sudden stops, quick direction changes, and accelerating too quickly.
  • Pack your safety kit! This should include all necessities such as blankets, nonperishable food, drinking water, your insurance policy number and the roadside assistance phone number, and any other essentials! A lengthy delay will make you glad you have them.

Before you hit the road on your Christmas travels or your daily commute, be sure to review your car insurance policy. This can provide roadside assistance and protect yourself, your vehicle, and finances from facing loss or damage. For a quality auto insurance policy in Antioch, California, contact Jack Stone Insurance Agency!

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