What You Need To Know About El Nino

home insurance antioch caEl Nino Predictions

El Nino is a periodic warming of the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean that typically lasts between six and 18 months. Weather experts are predicting that El Nino weather conditions have a 90 percent chance of lasting all the way through the upcoming winter and an 80 percent chance of lasting into the spring of 2016.

While warmer ocean temperatures near the equator may not seem like a big deal for California, El Nino is expected to bring in higher than average rain conditions throughout the end of the year, which can have a serious impact on the current drought conditions. Based on previous, smaller El Ninos, the Southern portion of the United States, from California to the Carolinas, and then up the East Coast will see much wetter fall and winter seasons. However, not all parts of the country will enjoy wet seasons. Parts of the Ohio Valley, Northwest and Northern Rockies, and the Great Lakes area will all be drier than usual throughout the start of spring.

Along with these changes in the amount of moisture each area will receive, there are also large changes in the temperature. While the Southern Plains, Desert Southwest, and northern Gulf Coast will see temperatures that are cooler than average, the entire northern portion of the country will see warmer than average temperatures. It is important to keep in mind that while these are the predictions for the upcoming seasons, they can change dramatically by the end of the year.

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