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Will My Pet Insurance Coverage Reimburse Me for Cremation?

When your pet passes away, you might be concerned about the expenses of your pet’s funeral and cremation. A pet insurance policy helps cover the costs of a pet’s medical care, but does it cover cremation and related expenses? Let’s discuss. What Is Pet Cremation? Pet cremation is the process of burning a pet’s remains to ashes. It is often

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Factors That Impact Pet Insurance Premium Costs

Pet insurance coverage will help cover the expenses of veterinarian care should your pet get hurt or become ill. Like any health insurance, the price of the premium is based on several variables, including the breed of your pet and its age. Here is a closer look at four such factors that impact how much your pet insurance premium will

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7 Reasons You Should Buy Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is becoming more popular for fur baby parents who want to protect their animals just like they protect the rest of the family. With the cost of owning a pet rising along with everything else, it stands to reason that insuring your animals is a wise investment. Pet insurance offers many different types of coverage that will cover

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