Pet Insurance for Older Dogs: Assurance for You & Your Dog

Most of us treat our pets like members of the family. This includes taking care of their health. Many people avoid buying pet health insurance due to the misconceptions they may have heard from others. Some myths have caused people to shy away from purchasing pet health insurance. The facts are simple. With the right pet health insurance policy, you can take proper care of your pet and save money.

Pet Insurance Saves You Money

Pet insurance will save you money over the lifespan of your pet. For a few dollars a month, your pet insurance policy will cover most illnesses and injuries your pet will experience throughout its lifespan. It will also take care of any wellness visits and routine tests to ensure your pet is as healthy as possible.

Pet Insurances Covers Most Medical Expenses

Pet health insurance commonly covers wellness examinations, immunizations, and routine diagnostic tests. It will also cover testing and treatment for any illnesses or injuries your pet may experience. Surgeries and other procedures will also be covered if deemed medically necessary.

Emergency Visits to the Vet Are Sometimes Necessary

You never know when your pet may be injured or get sick. An emergency visit to the vet can be costly, especially if it is after hours. With a good pet health insurance policy, most emergency or urgent care visits will be covered. Any treatment or medication your pet needs will also be covered. Hospitalization is included as part of their treatment plan as well.

Young Pets Need Care Too

Many pet owners believe that young pets don’t need health insurance. That isn’t necessarily true. While they may seem healthy, having them seen by the vet at least once a year for a wellness check and their routine immunizations is beneficial. This helps ward off many common illnesses that young pets contract. Young pets have extra energy that sometimes gets them in trouble. Unexpected injuries can be expensive.

Pet Medication Can Be Costly

Like our medications, those you sometimes need for your pet can be just as expensive. Pet health insurance can dramatically reduce the amount of money you pay out of pocket for the medicines your pets need to thrive. Pet health insurance also covers yearly vaccinations and other preventive medications if you have the right type of policy.

Get the Best Pet Health Insurance Today to Protect Your Furry Family

Taking care of your pet is a top priority. If you treat your pet like a family member, you want to ensure it gets the highest quality healthcare possible. When you want to learn more about a quality pet health insurance policy, call the agents or contact us at Jack Stone Insurance Agency. We understand how important your pets are to you and your family. We can help you make sure they get the vet care they need when they need it the most.

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