7 Reasons You Should Buy Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is becoming more popular for fur baby parents who want to protect their animals just like they protect the rest of the family. With the cost of owning a pet rising along with everything else, it stands to reason that insuring your animals is a wise investment. Pet insurance offers many different types of coverage that will cover many of your pet-related expenses. Getting a quote is easy too.

  • Peace of Mind – Peace of mind is important when you have a pet as a part of your family. Pet insurance allows you to pay for things that would otherwise put a major strain on your budget. With pet insurance, you will feel secure knowing that every member of your family is protected.
  • Cost-effective – With the rising cost of living, having a good pet insurance policy is extremely cost-effective. It is even more beneficial if you have more than one pet. While it won’t cover the cost of their daily necessities, it can be very beneficial to cover vet bills and other issues.
  • Rising Cost of Veterinary Care – With the cost of veterinary care rising just like our own health care, taking proper care of our pets can be overwhelming. A quality pet insurance policy helps to keep those costs in line so that your pets can get the care they need.
  • Covers hereditary Health Conditions – Many hereditary health conditions that our pets deal with are chronic and require long-term care. Pet insurance helps to take care of those costs so your pet can get the veterinary care they need. Certain breeds are prone to chronic health issues. Pet insurance can help you maintain proper care for your pets.
  • Recovery of a Lost or Stolen Pet – It can be very expensive to try and recover a lost pet. Pet insurance can help to defray many of those expenses and help you get your pet back home where they belong.
  • Flexible Packages Pet insurance comes in a variety of packages that will allow you to purchase the coverage you need. This can be cost-effective if you have multiple pets. Making sure each pet is sufficiently covered allows you to protect your bank account from expensive medical events and other pet-related expenses that could easily drain your savings account if an unexpected emergency occurs.
  • Third-party Liabilities – Third-liability costs can be incredibly expensive. If your normally docile pet gets out of hand and bites your neighbor or runs out of your yard and into the street, causing an accident, you can be held liable. Having pet insurance can help you get through these unexpected events without facing financial disaster.

If you want to explore your options when it comes to pet insurance, your first call should be to the agents of Jack Stone Insurance Agency. Our agents have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the insurance package that is best suited for your pet’s individual needs. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about how we can help protect your pet and your wallet from unexpected and sometimes very expensive events. We have the answers you need to make an informed decision when it comes to quality pet insurance.

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