Prepare for Your Annual Insurance Policy Review!

New years eve Antioch CAA New Year, a new Antioch, CA homeowners’ insurance policy!

Now that the New Year is rapidly approaching us in Antioch, Northern California, many are prepping for their 31st celebrations and New Year’s resolutions!

While many are aiming to save money, lose weight, or work on their career this year, often, a simple task is overlooked which can benefit many aspects of life: reviewing insurance policies! An annual review should be completed (you guessed it!) annually or whenever important life events occur which can affect liability, coverage, or value.

As we enter the New Year, take some time to review your policies which work to protect you! Below are a few questions to get you prepared for the New Year’s homeowners insurance review!

  • Have I updated my home?
    If you’ve upgraded your home, even in the simplest alterations, will require an updated policy. From adding a Jacuzzi, to redoing your kitchen, to adding double-paned windows, your home’s value and risk will alter, requiring adjusted coverage.
  • Did I buy anything of high value?
    From expensive jewelry to a modern TV, you won’t want to be without your precious and prized possessions! Your homeowners’ insurance policy may cover your personal belonging coverage, but only up to a certain limit. You may need extended coverage for your high-value items.
  • Are there any discounts I qualify for?
    Even adding a burglar alarm to your home or driving your car less can mean that you’re entitled to discounts!
  • Should I consider any additional coverage?
    From flood insurance to earthquake insurance, consider your risks and implement coverage!

A thorough insurance policy review will highlight gaps in coverage and limits. For a quality homeowners insurance policy in Antioch, California, contact Jack Stone Insurance Agency!

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