Homeowners Insurance: What Is an “Act of God”?

Reading a homeowners policy for many is like looking at a book written in a different language wherein the words and phrases used may be difficult to understand. One such phrase is an ‘Act of God.’

Defining an “Act of God”

An “Act of God” is an event that occurs directly because of a force of nature and could not have been prevented by any means of caution or proactive measures. In essence, the event and the damage they cause is unavoidable, no matter how hard we try to prevent them. While most homeowners insurance policies will cover minor “Acts of God,” events like hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods are excluded and require a specific policy for them to be included in your homeowners’ policy. If you have any doubts about what type of events are excluded from your policy, it’s important to go over them with an experienced insurance agent.

Wind, Hail, Lightning, and Volcanoes

Lightning, hail, winds, and even volcanoes, are considered to be “Acts of God” but are covered by most basic homeowners insurance policies. The damages caused by these events are not preventable by any human action or measures. Even though proper maintenance and upkeep are performed regularly, these actions are not likely to prevent damages that are caused by an “Act of God.” In fact, even the best-built homes are subject to various types of natural disasters.

Reduce Risks Whenever Possible

A poorly maintained home can be severely damaged by even a small storm. With proper maintenance, a home is better able to withstand winds, rain, lightning, and hail without incurring an excessive amount of damage during a mild storm. Severe storms, on the other hand, may pose more of a problem. The damage may be less severe, but it will still occur to some degree. Performing regular maintenance on your home and property is the best way to protect it from various types of damaging events.

Many people have heard the term “Act of God.” However, only a few of them truly understand what it means when it comes to homeowners insurance and how it covers damages that are caused by certain natural events. The agents at Jack Stone Insurance Agency are available to help you understand the different types of terminology that are often found in insurance policies. If you have questions, call us today!

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