What You Need to Know about Insuring Your Trailer

Trailers come in many different sizes and serve several different purposes. Certain types of toy haulers that consist of a camper and a cargo area are common forms of recreational trailers. Trailers that are fully loaded will require more insurance. You can choose to insure your trailer with a separate policy or use your other vehicle’s existing insurance policy to extend coverage to your trailer. Whether you own or rent the trailer you plan to tow behind your vehicle, you need to understand the different types of insurance required to protect it.

Will Trailers Be Covered under Personal Auto Insurance?

Most auto insurance policies will cover a trailer if it is owned by the person who owns the vehicle pulling the trailer. Since the trailer does not move on its own, insurance companies will consider any damage they cause to be the fault of the person operating the vehicle that is pulling it. If you don’t own the trailer you are pulling, you may want to purchase a policy to cover the trailer while you have it attached to your vehicle.

What If You Have to Tow a Trailer out of State?

Before towing a trailer out of state, you need to have adequate insurance in place to cover any property damage or personal injury that may occur. If the amount of coverage you have from your home state is not enough to meet the requirements of the other state, your liability limits will increase automatically to cover the gap.

How Coverage Will Vary According to the Type of Trailer?

There are many kinds of trailers that serve different purposes. Utility trailers often haul thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment and recreational vehicles like ATVs and dirt bikes. Many utility trailers will require their own insurance policy, especially if they are used for commercial operation. If you are hauling an open trailer that is carrying a car or furniture, it may be covered under your vehicle’s policy. Understanding what type of insurance you need for your trailer can be confusing. It’s important to talk to your insurance agent so that you know you have the right insurance in place before you leave for your trip.

Insurance Coverage for Rented Trailers

If you are renting a trailer, your personal insurance may cover the contents of your trailer, but you will need to purchase additional coverage to ensure that the trailer is covered as well. The rental agency will provide minimal coverage as part of the rental package. You can then determine whether you need to purchase additional coverage. In most cases, you can purchase additional coverage from your insurance agent or from the rental agency.

If you more questions related to auto insurance and whether it will cover your trailer, contact our experts at Jack Stone Insurance Agency today. We are here to assist you will all your coverage needs.

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