What You Need to Know About Insurance Endorsements and Riders

Riders and endorsements are additional forms of coverage you can purchase to supplement an insurance policy and fill in any gaps in your coverage. These additions can be purchased when you first buy your policy or added when you renew. In some situations, you may be able to buy them at any time, depending on the type of policy. Understanding where additional coverage may be needed is important. Learn as much as you can by talking to your insurance agent and finding out what gaps you may need to fill.

How Do Insurance Endorsements Work?

Endorsements are purchased when your policy’s basic coverage is not quite enough to provide the level of coverage you need. Most policies offer coverage for the basics but will fall short when covering more expensive items. An example of this is increasing the amount of your homeowners’ coverage by using a rider to cover a recently purchased antique or expensive electronics. Expensive jewelry, big-ticket electronics, antiques, and collectibles are all good examples of what a rider or endorsement will cover. Endorsements and riders are designed to fill in gaps in your standard insurance policy that only provides the most basic levels of coverage. Purchasing a rider ensures you have the best possible coverage.

The Benefits of Having Insurance Endorsements

The primary benefit is that riders and endorsements provide you with complete coverage. It also allows you to add more coverage whenever you need it without waiting for your policy to renew. An additional benefit is offering reasonably priced deductibles for your belongings. Filling in the gaps created by basic policies prevents you from having to pay a lot of money out of pocket should something happen to an uncovered item.

Examples of Commonly Purchased Insurance Endorsements

A few of the more common insurance endorsements include those for your personal items and your home business. You may also want to consider sump pump coverage. If you have a basement and your sump pump fails, the resulting damage could be devastating.

How Long Does an Endorsement Stay on Your Policy?

Endorsements and riders will remain current as long as your policy is in place. They are renewed along with your traditional policy if you choose to keep them. If you no longer need a specific rider or endorsement, you can have it removed from your policy. Endorsements and riders stay for as long as you need them.

How to Get an Insurance Endorsement?

The best way to get insurance endorsements is to set up a policy review with your agent. Learn as much as you can about riders and endorsements and how they work. Your agent will help you decide which riders you need to make your policy more effective. Before purchasing endorsements or riders, do your research. Find out the true value of your items as well as how much your traditional policy will cover. Then talk to your agent about how to add any needed endorsements or riders.

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