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Homeowners Insurance: What Is an “Act of God”?

Reading a homeowners policy for many is like looking at a book written in a different language wherein the words and phrases used may be difficult to understand. One such phrase is an ‘Act of God.’ Defining an “Act of God” An “Act of God” is an event that occurs directly because of a force of nature and could not

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How Homeowners Insurance Cover Personal Injury Claims

Personal injuries can happen at anyone’s home, which is why every homeowner needs to carry a certain amount of liability coverage. For example, a guest might trip over a crack in your floor and sustain serious injuries from the fall. Therefore, you will need sufficient coverage in place to reduce the chances of a lawsuit. Are Personal Injury Claims Common?

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4 Homeowners Insurance Lesser-Known Benefits

Did You Know About the Benefits of Homeowners Insurance? If you are a homeowner with a mortgage, then it is likely that your lender requires you to have homeowners insurance. Even though you have to have coverage, don’t despair. There are many benefits to having homeowners insurance that can impact your wallet and lifestyle. You know that homeowners insurance in Antioch,

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Evaluations When Purchasing Home Insurance

Considerations to Make When Finding Homeowners Insurance Whether you’re shopping for your first home or your third, there’s no doubt that buying a home is a major life event. With so much to consider, many homeowners wait to think about homeowners insurance until after they’ve signed on the dotted lined. To ensure you find the right homeowners insurance in Antioch,

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