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El Niño Prep: Rainy Driving Tips & Auto Insurance in Antioch, CA

Use your auto insurance in Antioch, CA and these driving tips for El Niño’s rainy roadways. We’ve already seen some of El Niño’s effects. Devastating flooding in Oregon, cold temperatures up and down the coast, and predictions of rain – and lots of it – all remind us that this winter will be anything but moderate. Hopefully, you’ve already prepared

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What You Need To Know About El Nino

El Nino Predictions El Nino is a periodic warming of the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean that typically lasts between six and 18 months. Weather experts are predicting that El Nino weather conditions have a 90 percent chance of lasting all the way through the upcoming winter and an 80 percent chance of lasting into the spring of 2016.

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