Real Life Situations Covered by Renters Insurance

For renters, insurance isn’t a top priority. It seems like it’s an extra cost that doesn’t make a lot of sense for their rental space and minimal possessions. Unlike home insurance, you won’t have a mortgage lender ensuring you buy insurance. It’s understandable how so many renters put off getting this important coverage. However, there are many situations in which your renters insurance can seriously save your cash. Here are just a couple below.

Your laptop is stolen while traveling.

Renters insurance doesn’t only cover loss inside the country, but it has your back when you’re abroad, too. For example, you travel to Europe and take your personal possessions with you. You unpack at your hotel to find that your laptop has been taken while you were traveling. If you have renters insurance, you can file a claim to help replace your stolen laptop, meaning that you save your money (minus the deductible) and get to enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Your friend slips and falls at your house party.

You have friends over to watch the game and everyone is having a good time. All of a sudden, your friend slips in your kitchen and sprains his ankle. He heads over to the hospital, picks up his medical bills, and decides to sue you. Renters insurance can cover the costs to get you out of this situation. Your liability coverage will kick in, helping you to pay for both his medical and legal fees.

Your apartment catches fire.

Whether it was a candle, your cooking, or otherwise, if a fire rips through your apartment, renters insurance can help. Coverage will kick in to help repair and replace your belongings that were damaged in the fire. What’s more, if you need to relocate while the space is being repaired, renters insurance can help to cover hotel room fees and restaurant bills while you’re out of your apartment. 

Now that you know how much renters insurance can do to protect your wallet and belongings, are you ready to find the right policy? For the renters insurance that best suits your needs, visit Jack Stone Insurance Agency, serving Brentwood, Antioch, and surrounding metropolitan areas of California.

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