Should Household Members Be Listed on Your Auto Insurance?

Listing Household Members on Auto Insurance

When you’re filling out an auto insurance application, you may be asked about your household members. This question stumps a lot of motorists – you’re only looking for insurance for yourself on your own vehicle, why do your household members need to be listed? Some insurers are stricter than others when it comes to who needs to be listed on a car insurance policy, but in general, your household members should be listed. This is because, in some situations, your household members may need to drive your vehicle.

Say you injured yourself and needed to go to the hospital. You can’t drive yourself so you ask your roommate to drive your vehicle. Depending on your insurance carrier’s rules, it is possible for a claim to be denied if they were in an accident or caused damage to your vehicle. Anyone living in your house who can drive should be listed on your policy. Even if they do not drive your vehicle regularly or at all, any driver living with you could drive your car, for example, in an emergency situation. Because of this, an insurance company will want any licensed driver in your household to be listed on your policy.

Drivers of any age in your household should be listed on your policy, which means elderly motorists should be listed, too, even if their driver’s license has expired. For the same reason, teen drivers may need to be listed on your car insurance policy.

Since you may need to add roommates, older relatives, parents, spouses, and anyone else living with you to your policy, you may see your premiums fluctuate. For example, teen drivers or a roommate with a DUI can cause auto insurance rates to rise. If this is the case, you can choose to add the individual as an excluded driver. This means that he/she isn’t permitted to drive your vehicle in any situation.

If you choose not to add drivers in your household to your insurance policy, you could face severe financial consequences if an accident does happen. If the individual drives your car and the worst happens, then your car insurance company may refuse to cover the claim.

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