Reasons Why a Car Insurance Company May Refuse to Insurance You

Car insurance in Antioch, CA is something that must of us need, whether we use our vehicles once a week or commute fifty miles a day. While we often think of auto insurance as a necessary and easy coverage to acquire, the reality is that insurance companies reject certain drivers every day. A driver might request a quote from a car insurance company only to have their quote request denied. There are many reasons for this, and it’s worthwhile knowing that they are so that you understand if you’re included in an at-risk category.


Why You Could Get Rejected for Car Insurance


Car insurance companies can deny coverage for a number of different reasons. Generally, all of the reasons are related to risk. Since taking on a driver with a higher risk puts the insurer in a more vulnerable position, they may choose not to insure them at all. While some insurers will take on the risk and simply raise the premium to reflect the risk, others will reject the application.


Common reasons why an insurance company denies drivers


  • Multiple DUIs or other serious traffic offenses

Some drivers are rejected by auto insurers because they’re considered too risky because of their previous driving history. If a person has multiple DUIs or other serious offenses on their record, many insurers will simply not insure the driver. This means that the driver must work with a higher risk car insurance company that is willing to work with the motorist.


  • Multiple at-fault accidents

When you request a quote from a car insurance company, they will look at your record and claims history. Your record will reveal the number of at-fault accidents in which you’ve been involved in as well as the amount that was paid for each claim. If a driver has multiple at-fault accidents on their record, it indicates to the insurer that they are a poor driver. They cause accidents and frequently file claims for them. Typically, motorists with multiple serious accidents in the last five to seven years will need to buy high-risk auto insurance.


  • Bad credit

Did you know that your credit impacts your insurance? Insurers will check your credit score before providing you with car insurance. If you have a low credit score, then you will also have a low credit-based insurance score. Drivers will very bad and low credit may be denied by certain insurance companies. You may need to purchase insurance from an insurer willing to work with motorists with low credit scores, or you can work on improving your score before applying for coverage.


  • Owning a high-performance vehicle

Your sports car, classic car, or vintage vehicle is not like your standard commuter car. For this reason, a standard auto insurance policy will not be sufficient enough to protect your high-performance vehicle. If you apply for regular coverage for your valuable vehicle, then you may find you are rejected. Certain classic cars require special car insurance through insurers who understand the risks these vehicles face. In short, don’t try to insure your $200,000 vehicle with an ordinary car insurance company that is not equipped to serve you.


Now you know the reasons many insurers reject car insurance applications. Even if you had a poor credit score or have filed several claims in recent years, you can still secure reliable car insurance coverage. It may take more time to find the right insurer that is willing to work with you, but having protection on the roads is important.


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