Protect Your Property with These Home Insurance Endorsements

Home Insurance Endorsements to Add to Your Coverage

Your homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA is designed to protect your property when you need it the most. While it does a good job of safeguarding your finances against an array of disasters, every policy has its limits and exclusions. For many homeowners, they can benefit from home insurance endorsements that provide additional coverage to protect their home and belongings. Take a look at the common endorsements that you should consider.

Earthquake Endorsement

In California, we are quite used to earthquakes, although that doesn’t mean we welcome them. Most home insurance policies exclude damage caused by earthquakes. An earthquake endorsement provides coverage for your home, outbuildings, and your personal belongings in the event of an earthquake.

Sewer Back-Up Endorsement

Not many homeowners think about getting sewer back-up coverage until it’s too late. Sewer back-up coverage isn’t always included in standard homeowners insurance policies, but it can be added as an endorsement. It is generally set up to protect you from loss or damage to your property caused by the rupture or escape of water from a sewer, drain, sump pump, or septic system.

Scheduled Personal Property Endorsement

Most home insurance policies cover your belongings – up to a certain limit. If you have valuable items that are of high-value, you may find that your coverage is not enough to protect these items adequately. Scheduled personal property endorsements help homeowners to protect their most valuable pieces from damage and loss.

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