Parking Your Car on the Road Without Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know

Every state has mandatory car insurance requirements. Although it may be different for each state, the basic premise is still the same. If you own a vehicle and it is registered with the state, it also must be insured. Even if you don’t drive it much or keep it in the garage for the majority of the year, it still needs to be insured, at least for the state minimum amount of coverage.

Owning Vs. Driving

Most people believe that you only have to insure a vehicle if it is registered and driven. However, the truth is, if you own a vehicle, it is supposed to be registered and insured, whether it is being driven or not. Insuring and registering a vehicle work hand-in-hand. If you buy a vehicle that you plan on repairing, you may not be required to register it right away. You may still want to insure it for its book value. This will protect your investment until you are ready to put the car back together and make it road-ready.

State Mandated Coverage

States have mandated that every vehicle that is registered must also be insured for a specific amount. This state-required minimum is important because it ensures that individuals who are involved in an accident are compensated for their damages or injuries. Once a person purchases the minimum amount of insurance coverage for their vehicles, they can legally drive or park on the street. Even if the vehicle is rarely driven and parked in a garage for months at a time, insurance coverage must be maintained at all times.

Parking on City Streets

The city streets are public property. Most cities and states have laws or regulations that require that any vehicle on its streets must carry at least the state minimum amount of car insurance to be legal. If a car is found parked on a city street, the owner must be able to provide proof of insurance. If they can’t, they may receive a ticket with a fine or risk their vehicle being towed. If the car is involved in an accident and does not have the right amount of insurance, the owner may not be able to file a claim against the at-fault driver.

Obeying the Law

Owning a car, truck, or other vehicle means that you must obey the law. This includes registering it as soon as possible and purchasing the necessary auto insurance to ensure that it meets the state-mandated minimum requirements. If you plan on parking your vehicle on the street or in your driveway, you must obey the law to avoid getting a ticket.

When you have questions about car insurance, go to the professionals. The agents at Jack Stone Insurance Agency have the knowledge to guide you through the ins and outs of auto insurance coverage. Call and talk to one of the agents today to make sure that all of your vehicles have sufficient coverage.

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