What New Homeowners Should Do Within the First Year of Moving In

There’s little that compares to the feeling of getting keys to your new home – A property that is yours to decorate to your tastes and enjoy with your family. But before you start hanging the artwork and planning a housewarming party, there are a few things that all new homeowners should do within the first year of moving in. From securing home insurance in Antioch, CA to testing the alarms, here is what you should do.


Tasks New Homeowners Need to Do


Create an emergency budget. A burst pipe, a broken fridge, or a broken gutter – there are many things that can go wrong. These unexpected expenses are easier to handle when you have an emergency fund in place. Start creating a fund if you haven’t already.


Test the alarms. Ensure that there are fire alarms on every level of the house and that they are all working. Install and test carbon monoxide alarms, too. Don’t count on the previous owner to have checked these before moving out.


Get to know the house before making changes. Even though you may want to rip out the kitchen or knock down some walls, it’s advisable to live in the house for a year or two before making changes. What you wanted to change may become the thing you like most about the house.


Review insurance. You need home insurance to protect your new investment. Ensure it is enough by understanding coverage and updating your policy throughout the year. If you buy or sell items, be sure to update your home inventory.


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