Major RV Insurance Claims & How to Avoid Them

Recreational vehicles, such as RVs, can present unique difficulties. RVs are more significant than the cars that we are used to regularly driving. Due to their size, RVs are difficult to navigate and require insurance. RV insurance claims tend to be massive.

When operating an RV, it’s simple to underestimate the space available for swinging or fitting below objects. It’s crucial to travel with extra care to prevent RV insurance claims. Read on to learn about various RV claims and how you can avoid them in this blog.

CLAIM 1: Mishaps at the gas station

The two most frequent pump accidents occur when turning into or away from overhangs or poles. When it’s time to refill, find an exit with several gas stations nearby. This increases your options for picking one that is simple to enter and exit.

When you turn an RV in one direction, the tail swing occurs when the RV’s rear swings out in the opposite direction. The tail swing of an RV can be more significant than 30 inches.

CLAIM 2: Right turns

To perform a right turn in your RV, you must drive out further than usual before beginning the turn.

You risk hitting something or running over a curb if you begin to make a right turn before your pivot point clears it. Your tail swing may collide with an object if you are too close to it on the side of your turn.

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CLAIM 3: Motorhome height

Height is not an issue when operating a car. Any bridge, tunnel, overpass, or fast-food drive-through you come across can be driven through or under by a vehicle of standard size.

Keep a constant eye out for heights when operating a motorhome. The height of an RV can frequently reach 12 feet.

CLAIM 4: Supporting the RV

Due to the compact nature, you can see where you’re going by looking over your shoulder thus, backing a vehicle is simple. With a motorhome, this is untrue. It’s bigger, you can’t quickly glance behind you, and getting good at it takes practice.

Once you’ve established your predefined destinations, stop at each one, get out, and check. Repeat this procedure as often as required. Tap your horn to alert oncoming traffic before you begin to back up. Keep an eye out for young children and animals at all times.

CLAIM 5: Damage to the roof and sideswipe

Never forget that a motorhome is broader and taller than a car. It becomes considerably bigger when mirrors and awnings are included. Roof accessories like antennae and air conditioners can also make it taller.

Before attempting to park the vehicle on the site at the campground, get out and have a look. Tree branches and other overhead impediments easily damage the roof and sidewalls of the RV.

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RV insurance claims can be avoided by taking additional precautions, including utilizing a spotter, writing down the RV’s characteristics on your dashboard, and being aware of your turn space. If you are looking for affordable RV insurance, contact us at Jack Stone Insurance Agency. Our agents are always ready to answer all your questions.

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