What We Can Learn From the California Wildfires

California has seen some devastating wildfires in its time. Over recent years and months, wildfires have continued to wreak havoc for homeowners, businesses, and wildlife. With the seasons getting hotter and dryer, it’s no surprise that wildfires continue to threaten thousands of areas across the state. Take a look at what we can learn from the recent wildfires that caused obscene destruction and devastation.

Know Evacuation Routes

You and your family should know and practice evacuation routes. This means everyone should know how to get out of the house safely, what items to pick up, and how to leave the area. Map out possible routes that you can take and always follow evacuation orders.

Prepare Your Home

You may not have time to react to a wildfire, so it’s a good idea to always be prepared year-round. Make sure you have already cleared the dry and dead vegetation from around your home, reinforced your property with fire-resistant walls, and removed timber from around your property. Before you evacuate, spray your roof with water to decrease the chances of stray embers from igniting your home.

Review Homeowners Insurance

You may have a policy in place, but do you know how much coverage you’ve signed up for? Many homeowners are shocked to find that wildfires cause so much destruction and their minimal insurance policy does so little to help recover. Review your limits and talk to your insurance agent about increasing coverage.

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