Ways in Which You Void Your Auto Insurance Policy 

Auto insurance is a must for motorists. Besides being a state requirement, having car insurance can help you stay protected in case a driving accident happens. Being a safe and responsible driver is imperative to staying safe behind the wheel, however, accidents can happen at any time to anyone. Additionally, there are several common habits and simple mistakes that can make you accidentally void your auto insurance in Antioch, CA. Take a look at some of the common errors that can mean you void your insurance.

Failing to inform your insurer of car modifications.

Car modifications may well be part of your passion, and you may be too excited and distracted to consider your auto insurance company when updating your vehicle. But modifying your vehicle without talking to your insurer may result in higher premiums. Firstly, the modifications may increase the risk of having an accident. Secondly, it could increase the risk of theft. This is why your insurer may choose to raise your rates when you modify your vehicle. Failure to let them know about the updates, though, and you could face voiding your coverage.

Using your vehicle for ridesharing.

We’re in the era where working for Uber or Lyft is convenient and useful for many motorists. These rideshare platforms provide a safe and convenient transportation alternative and can be useful for motorists looking to supplement their income. However, be sure to let your insurer know if you are going to work with these ridesharing companies beforehand. You may need to take out business car insurance so that your journeys are covered while you are working.

Driving with your pet in the vehicle.

Insurers typically see pets in the vehicle as a potential risk factor. If you take your pet for a ride, it’s important to properly secure him or her into the vehicle. This means putting them in a cage or securing them in a harness and a seatbelt. If pets in the vehicle are distracting, then the risk of an accident increases. An insurer may not be able to cover an accident if you and your pet are responsible for the damage.

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