How to Avoid Common Life-Threatening Accidents

Safety Precautions for Common Accidents

Accidents happen, we understand. Life doesn’t always run smoothly and go to plan – no matter how prepared you are. To help protect yourself and loved ones, there are some essential safety precautions to consider. Here are some of our top tips on how to avoid common life-threatening accidents.

Vehicle Accidents

  • Obey the speed limit at all times
  • Drive defensively – not everyone will be as careful as yourself on the road
  • Watch out for pedestrians and motorcycles that aren’t always easy to spot
  • Always wear your seatbelt

Athletic Accidents

  • Wear a helmet if possible – whether you’re snowboarding or practicing your swing at the batting cages
  • Stay hydrated! It’s easy to get dehydrated when exercising
  • Exercise with a buddy so that you have immediate help if needed
  • Listen to your body – you may be able to push your boundaries, but if anything is too painful, stop immediately

Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Wear appropriate footwear at all times. Make sure your shoes are right for the setting and fit your feet well
  • Consider flooring choices when thinking about your home or other space. This is especially important if there are young children or elderly people around
  • Tidy up. Cables, toys, household plants, and rugs can cause trips. Make sure that everything is tidy and that rugs are appropriately placed

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