How Your Address Impacts Your Car Insurance Premiums

Did you know that where you live affects your car insurance premiums? That’s right, insurers will look at your ZIP code in particular when analyzing how much premium you should pay. If your local area, no matter how safe you think it is, has high crime rates, you could see your insurance premium shoot up. This fact emphasizes the need for accuracy when providing your personal information for a quote as well as the importance of updating your information if you move house.

Grand theft auto is no game in insurance companies. Your address is used to get crime reports from local police forces so that the insurance company can assess the risk. Areas that experience a high volume of break-ins and vandalism also raise claims and rates. Since insurers operate in risk, they see high crime rates as more of a chance that you will file a claim for vandalism or theft. As a result, the premium increases to account for this higher level of risk.

In short, if there is a higher-than-average rate for car break-ins, thefts or vandalism in your area, you could be paying more than someone who lives in a more secure neighborhood. You can see a full report on the top stolen cars in the United States on the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) website.

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