Driving Tips to Help Make Your Thanksgiving Drive a Smooth One

Drive safely to your Thanksgiving destination.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s estimated that more than 40 million Americans will be traveling at least 50 miles to celebrate Thanksgiving. Whether you’re visiting friends and family or escaping to a luxury resort, it’s likely that you’ll be driving at some point over the festive period. To help you escape the heavy traffic, distracted drivers, and endless hours on the road this Thanksgiving, we’ve compiled a few steps to take, from prepping your vehicle to reviewing your auto insurance in Antioch, CA.

Take off work early. The most popular times to drive over Thanksgiving are Wednesday and Sunday. If you can, take time off work to allow you to reach your destination earlier. Leaving on Tuesday and coming back on Saturday can help to avoid the worst parts of the traffic.

Know your route. You may know how to get to your destination, but are you up to date with the latest roadworks, construction, and delays? Map out multiple routes that allow you to miss out on most of the traffic and long delays.

Prep your vehicle. Make sure that your car is ready for the journey. If you’re going to be driving hundreds of miles, it’s worth taking your car to the shop beforehand to ensure it is in good condition. Ask the mechanic to check your brakes, battery, tires, and windshield wipers. The last thing you want is to breakdown on your long journey.

Get plenty of rest. If you can, share the driving with another driver. If this isn’t possible, take regular breaks to stretch your legs and get fresh air. If you start to feel drowsy behind the wheel, pull over and take a quick nap or grab a cup of coffee.

Maintain a safe following distance. Thanksgiving weekend means that there are many more cars out on the road. Be patient, especially with trucks and tourists. Leave plenty of room between yourself and the vehicle in front, especially if you cannot see what traffic is doing up ahead. In dark and adverse road conditions (rain, snow, etc.), leave double the room – ideally a six-second following distance.

Where are you headed to over Thanksgiving? Let us know! When you’re ready to secure reliable auto insurance that protects you on your journey and beyond, contact the team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency.

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