Does Home Insurance Cover Damage From Landslides and Mudslides?

Do You Need Additional Coverage for Landslides and Mudslides?

Mother Nature has produces some beautiful landscapes. Rolling hills and breath-taking sunsets – but she also has a dark side and those picturesque landscapes can quickly turn into a disaster area. For most homeowners, floods, and earthquakes are enough to worry about. But homeowners also have to worry about landslides and mudslides. Are these covered by your homeowners insurance policy?

Landslides can occur any time of year and typically occur from a slope being overloaded or undercut by erosion or even construction. Mudslides and mudflows occur in similar conditions but are usually caused by floodwaters or heavy rain cause the soil to slide away from the bedrock. It is important to understand the differences between a landslide, mudslide, and mudflow.

Although these terms may all sound like similar circumstances, some events are covered by flood insurance, while others are covered by a policy called “Difference in Conditions.” Landslides and mudslides are primarily earth movement, while a mudflow is caused by water picking up soil and turning into mud. With a mudflow the primary ingredient is water, so flood insurance will typically cover parts of this loss.  Earth movement events, such as a landslide or mudslide calls for a Difference in Conditions policy.

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