Did Your Home Insurance Premium Increase at Renewal Time? Here’s Why

Why Your Home Insurance Premium Went Up


If you already have a home insurance policy that is close to ending, your home insurance provider is likely to offer you a renewal quote. You may have found that for the same level of cover your home insurance premium has increased. It’s a question many homeowners ask, especially when they’re looking to save money. Below are a few reasons why your home insurance in Antioch, CA could have increased.


  • Claims history

As far as insurers are concerned, having a history of claims makes you likely to file another one. The higher the probability of you filing another claim, the more likely it is that you’ll be charged a higher premium. Even if it was a minor claim, you could see your premiums jump up.


  • Renovations

If you’ve recently made renovations or have improved your home in any way, you’ve likely increased the value of the property. If the value of your home increases, you may need to purchase more coverage than you did before, which means you’ll end up paying more home insurance.


  • Trends that show an increased risk

Insurers use advanced analytics to predict the likelihood of you filing a home insurance claim. If there are trends in your area that show that there is a larger risk of burglary, vandalism or extreme weather, you may see your premiums increase to offset this risk.


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