Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

Whether you are driving to the local grocery store, commuting to work, or traveling across the state to see family, staying safe on the road is important. Although you cannot control how other people drive, you can control how safely you drive. While we learn to drive as teens, and are taught all the necessary defensive driving skills, it’s common for adults to lose these tricks. Sometimes, we all need a refresher on how to stay safe when behind the wheel. Here are a few defensive driving tips to keep you safe on the road and keep your auto insurance in Antioch, CA premiums down.


Must-Know Defensive Driving Tips


  1. Limit distractions

We all know how boring hours in the car can be. When sitting at a red light or stuck in traffic, it can be tempting to pick up your phone and scroll through social media. You may be traveling at high speed and flicking through the radio stations to find one with good music. You may be having a heated discussion with a passenger. Distractions come in many forms, but it’s important to know when your focus has been shifted from the road and onto something else, such as a conversation, radio, or your phone. Avoid using your phone behind the wheel, eating, drinking, getting into deep discussions, and fiddling with the radio. To stay safe, it’s best to concentrate on the road ahead of you.


  1. Keep your eyes on the road

Similarly to getting distracted, even when you’re paying attention to the road, you can take your eyes off what is happening in front of you. Have you ever found yourself reading a billboard or getting distracted by the local scenery that you’ve been unaware when the vehicle in front of you is braking? Always keep your eyes and focus on the road so that you can spot hazards before they become an issue.


  1. Avoid aggressive driving

We’ve all been frustrated behind the wheel. While it’s natural to sometimes get angry at a certain driver or traffic, it’s important not to fly off the handle. Keep your emotions in check when driving. Aggressive driving such as tailgating, dangerous overtaking, and sudden lane changes only irritates other drivers and produces a volatile situation. If you find yourself getting angry, simply pull over safely and calm down for a few minutes before getting back on the road.


  1. Avoid bad drivers

Even if you keep your temper in check, other drivers may not. If you spot an aggressive driver or a bad driver who is being reckless, steer clear of them. Do not engage with them if they try to catch your attention. If someone is truly driving recklessly, call the police when safe to do so.


  1. Understand your auto insurance policy

Your auto insurance is designed to keep you safe on the roads. Before you get behind the wheel, you should know exactly what is and is not covered so that you know when to ask for help. At Jack Stone Insurance Agency, we want to protect you and your loved ones in the event of an accident. We can help you understand your auto insurance policy so that you can feel confident you have great coverage in hand.


These defensive driving tips can help you stay safe when behind the wheel. Just a refresher of these tips is often all you need to drive safer. However, you may want to take a defensive driving course to improve your skills on the road.


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