Common Reasons Why Your Home Insurance Claim Would Be Rejected

As a homeowner, you do a lot of things to ensure your home is safe. You lock the doors, clean out the gutters, test fire alarms monthly, and have the right homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA. Yet, when disaster strikes in the home, you go to file a claim and find out its been declined by your insurance company. Unfortunately, it’s a common situation. Many homeowners find out they don’t have coverage for the disaster. Don’t fall victim to this – follow these tips and you can prevent your home insurance claim from being rejected.


Why Your Home Insurance Claim May Be Denied


Failure to maintain the quality of the home

Damage caused over a period of time would not be covered. For example, if there is water seeping through a crack in the roof that causes substantial mold and structural deterioration would not be covered under most standard homeowners policies. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain a safe household and perform regular maintenance to ensure the building is structurally sound.


Wear and tear

Similar to maintaining the quality of the home, homeowners must ensure that the property is kept in good condition and is well maintained. If it isn’t the damage for a claim could end up being your responsibility rather than the insurers. If you neglect the property and then make a claim for a burst water pipe, for example, the insurer may find that the reason the problem occurred was due to the homeowner’s negligence, rather than the pipe being affected by the cold weather. Claims are often rejected where:

  • The roof has not been properly upkept, and there are dislodged tiles and cracks in the roof.
  • Water damage is caused by bathroom tiling that has not been sealed sufficiently.
  • Trees are left to grow without being trimmed, which cause damage to a property’s foundations.


Incorrect coverage

Some homeowners believe that they have more coverage than they actually do. For example, homeowners are often under the impression that their policy will step in to help when there has been a flood. While your standard coverage will cover water damage, it will not cover floods. A separate flood insurance policy is needed for protection.


When taking out a policy, it is important to read the coverage carefully and understand what is and isn’t included. Your insurance agent will be able to help you fill in the gaps if you feel there is too much left uncovered.


Non-disclosure of facts

Unfortunately, it’s the reality that many claims are rejected because the policyholder hasn’t been truthful on their application, either knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes, homeowners do not disclose their previous claims or alter the home’s information in order to acquire a cheaper policy. This ends up hurting them in the long run when they come to file a claim and it gets rejected by the company when they find out the truth.


Not only does the homeowner not get their claim covered, but they risk having their policy canceled by the insurer. If you are not sure of something when asked on the application, always check with the relevant authorities or boards first. Even if you lie unknowingly on your application, you will not receive help when filing a claim. In short, tell the truth on your home insurance applications (and all applications for that matter!) so that you will not have a claim rejected because of lies on the documents.


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