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Detailed Look at Personal Watercraft Insurance

Thousands of people across the country enjoy taking their watercraft out on the water during warm days. Some enjoy throwing parties and hanging out with loved ones, while others use the time to relax and unwind. Be aware that there are multiple risks associated with operating a watercraft. An accident can occur at any time. That’s why watercraft owners are

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Does Your Boat Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

Sailing can be a year-round activity, but you need the right boat insurance coverage wherever you go. Some areas can have unexpected storms in any given season. Ideally, your boat insurance will cover damage from storms, lightning, hail, and floods. But you have to read the policy carefully since different providers offer their own precise coverage. Will Boat Insurance Cover

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Tips To Prevent Handling Major Boat Insurance Claims

Operating a boat is a hobby that many people enjoy. While boating is a fun way for people to spend time with their loved ones, various risks are involved. There’s a chance that the boat may suffer damages. You can be stranded on the lake because of a mechanical failure. Luckily, boat insurance covers you in those situations. The key

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Is Drinking While Boating Legal?

When it comes to drinking while driving, we all know that it is wrong. However, when it comes to summertime fun, some people have questions about whether it’s legal to drink on a boat while driving or not.. Here’s what you should know before you pick up alcohol while sailing. As much as you think drinking alcohol while driving a

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