Can Pets Help You Live a Longer Life?

The Health Benefits of Animal Companionship

People love their pets. These four-legged, furry friends are more than just companion animals; they’re part of the family. Not only do these animals bring joy to our lives, but they can actually help us to live longer!

The American Heart Association published research in the journal Circulation that analyzed whether or not people with pets live longer. The study found associations between pet ownership and low blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, a study conducted by the Minnesota Stroke Institute that followed more than 4,000 cat owners over 10 years found that owning a cat can dramatically reduce a person’s chance of dying from heart disease.

So, what makes these furry friends so good for our health?

Natural, everyday movement

If you have a dog, it’s likely that you take him/her out for a daily walk. But anyone who owns a pet knows that there are numerous physical activities associated with pet ownership such as getting up to feed their pet, providing food and water, and looking after their environment. Pets provide nudges to get up and move around, which can be helpful in leading a healthier life.

A sense of purpose

At the very simplest level, pets can provide a reason to get up in the morning. Particularly for those suffering from poor mental health and elderly seniors, pets can be important. If a pet is reliant on the owner, the owner is more likely to stay safe for the take of the animal.


Interactions with pets can reduce stress. There is evidence that petting an animal may reduce heart rates and lower blood pressure. Additionally, co-sleeping with pets may improve some people’s quality of sleep.

Pets can bring a boost to our lives. From giving unconditional love to providing companionship, pets can be hugely beneficial for our self-care. For help securing reliable personal insurance policies that protect yourself and loved ones, contact the team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency today.

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