Auto Insurance for Unlicensed Drivers

How to Get Insurance Without a License


You may find that you don’t have a driver’s license but you need car insurance. Is it possible to get auto insurance without holding a driver’s license? Today, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about getting auto insurance in Antioch, CA without a driver’s license.


Can you get car insurance without a driver’s license?

Having a valid driver’s license is a crucial step toward getting car insurance. Your driver’s license allows insurance companies to access and assess your driving record. Insurance companies use this information to predict the risk you pose and how much they should charge for protection. Even so, there are some ways to go about buying insurance without having a license.


Buying a car without a license

Although you can buy a car without a driver’s license, the process is much easier if you do have one. Car dealerships will have different terms in place. Some auto dealers require a photocopy of your insurance card and driver’s license before allowing you to take a test drive, while others are more focused on a sale than your legal ability to drive.


Buying auto insurance without a license

Generally, buying auto insurance without a driver’s license is difficult and expensive. Car insurance companies see risk in an unlicensed driver, regardless of your reason for being unlicensed. Some insurance companies will cover you if you have a state-issued ID card, however. Talk to your local insurance agent to find out how you can secure cover.


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