Adopt These Good Driving Habits This Fall

The best part about living in California is that you don’t have to contend with harsh winters every year. Although temperatures can get a little cold, they don’t compare to other parts of the country. Fall is a pleasant time of year that allows us to enjoy the changing colors and shorter days. Even though we don’t have drastic changes in the weather, fall requires us to change our driving habits to stay safe. The cooler temperatures and shorter days may be novel, but it’s important that we adapt our driving habits to stay safe.


To help you stay safe on the roads this fall, take a look at these tips and choose to adopt these good driving habits.


Good Driving Habits for Fall


Check your tire pressure

When the temperature drops about 20 degrees, you may notice that your tires are a little low. To ensure you don’t drive on flat tires this fall, remember to check the air pressure in them often. If your tires are a little low on air, top them up as soon as you can. But before you get started, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Check how much air should be in the tires by reviewing the car’s manufacture’s guide. There may also be a label on the inside of the driver’s side door telling you how many pounds per square inch (PSI) your specific car needs.
  • Slowly fill your tires up and measure the PSI around every 10 seconds to ensure they do not overinflate.
  • It’s best to check your tire’s air pressure when they are cool. In other words, check them at the beginning of a journey rather than at the end when they have warmed up.
  • If you are too nervous to check the air pressure on your own, don’t hesitate to take your vehicle to a professional tire shop.


Test the lights

When the days get shorter, you may find yourself driving home from work at dusk. When the sun is beginning to set, your lights need to be turned on. If you haven’t already, check that all of your lights are in good working order – including your headlights, side lights, brake lights, and signals. Ask a friend or neighbor to help you check them all.


If any are dim or burnt out, replace them immediately as you will need these lights to see and be seen on the roads this fall.


While you’re at it, wipe down the exterior of the vehicle so that there are no smudges on the headlights that can distort the light.


Drive for the weather

Rainfall increases during fall. When it is raining or it has been raining, increase your following distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. This can make the difference of having ample time to mitigate or avoid an accident. Inclement weather also causes slippery driving conditions that increase the risk of hydroplaning if you’re going too fast on wet roads. Even if you know the roads well or have no other cars around you, slow down.


When it’s foggy outside, use low beams instead of high beams. High beams cause light to bounce off the fog and create a glare that makes it more difficult to see the road ahead of you.


Review insurance

With the changing seasons comes a change in many peoples’ lives. If you have recently moved home, reduced your mileage cause you’re working from home, or are thinking about getting a new car in the end of summer sales, talk to your insurance agent. Auto insurance is there to protect your journey, so be sure to your policy works for your needs.


Finding the right auto insurance for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. Talk to the team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency to get started on your reliable coverage.

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