Choosing a Home Security System is Easy When You Ask These Questions

A good home security system works to protect your most important possessions and family. A bad one, however, can end up costing you thousands for no real protection. If you’re thinking about getting a home security system to better protect your property, be sure to consider these questions and you may find you get a discount on homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA by installing a home security device.

Do I want basic protection or complete home automation?

Firstly, decide what type of system you’re looking for. Work out your budget and start thinking about the level of security you’re looking for. Some systems offer a basic burglar alarm. Others offer motion sensors, security cameras, door sensors, smart doorbells, and a two-way videoing system.

Will the system be professional monitored or self-monitored?

We highly recommend security systems with professional monitoring. They are more affordable than you may believe, and they give you complete peace of mind even if your phone is off. Through 24/7 monitoring, your home is better protected, and the alarm will notify the authorities if triggered. If you use a self-monitored system, it is up to you to check your phone and keep it charged to be notified of any potential threat.

What’s the warranty like?

Equipment breaks down – no matter how great a security company can be. Know whether you have to pay full price to replace broken equipment. Most home security companies have a warranty length between two and three years. Other companies won’t offer a warranty for all of their equipment.

Is it portable?

If you’re thinking of moving homes within the next few years, you will want to be sure that you can take your home security system with you. Many companies will allow this, but may charge a fee, which you should be aware of.

Home security is about more than placing sensors and cameras around the home. Another great way to protect your property is to secure reliable homeowners insurance. Not sure where to get started? The team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency can help you safeguard your home.

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