3 Times You Should Check Your Insurance

Keep Insurance in Line with Your Needs with These Tips 

Insurance policies work to protect you, your family, property, and pocket from the unexpected – but only if you let them. Insurance policies can only work for you if they are kept up to date and stay in line with your needs. There are a few key times in which you should review your insurance in Antioch, CA to ensure that if the worst does happen, you have the best safety net possible ready and in place.

  1. When your current insurance policies are about to expire.

If your home, auto, life or health insurance policies are about to expire, schedule some time to meet with your insurance agent. As your needs and lifestyle changes, your insurance policies must, too. Your agent can help you review your coverage to ensure that they meet your current demands.

  1. When your family status changes.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, expecting a baby or adopting a child, it’s important that you remember to review your insurance coverage. You’ll want to protect your growing family with adequate life and disability income insurance. Losing a family member through death or divorce also means that you will need to update your coverage.

  1. When you move or remodel your house.

When you make renovations to your current home, you may alter the value of it without realizing it. As such, your home insurance should be updated to stay in line with the new value of the property. If you move home, you’ll want to review your insurance, even if the new place is similar in size and location to your old home.

These are just a few times when you’ll want to review your insurance policy, but they are important. Start a conversation with your insurance agent to ensure that you are fully covered. For the coverage you need, contact the team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency today.

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