Essential Condo Insurance Coverage Insights

Condo insurance covers water damage from unexpected plumbing issues like HVAC malfunctions or burst pipes, provided the damage is accidental and not due to neglect or wear and tear.

Plumbing Accidents:

Damage from homeowner negligence is typically excluded from condo insurance. Regular maintenance of appliances is crucial to avoid claim denials for water damage.

Wear and Tear Damage

Standard condo insurance does not cover flood-related water damage, including from mudslides or nearby water bodies. Additional flood insurance is recommended for such risks.

Flood Damage

Typical policies exclude water damage from sewer or drain backups. If damage is due to HOA neglect, it falls under the HOA’s master policy. Otherwise, supplementary condo water insurance is needed.

Water Backup

The HOA’s master policy covers common area damages. Understand its terms to ensure your personal condo insurance fills any gaps. You are liable for common area damage if caused by your negligence.

Common Area Damage

Maintain your water systems and appliances to avoid negligence claims.  For quality condo insurance, contact Jack Stone Insurance Agency. Serving Antioch, Brentwood, and surrounding areas in California.  Click the link below to reach us today!