Detailed Look at Personal Watercraft Insurance

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It is recommended to insure each watercraft that you own and your insurer can help you assess your options.

Personal watercraft insurance covers you in situations where you accidentally injure someone or cause property damage, including medical fees and repair costs for damaged property.

You should inquire about whether theft or vandalism coverage is included in your policy and review your policy deductible and limits carefully.

It is important to notify your insurer immediately if there is an issue and to review the policy with them to understand any unique situations where you may not be covered.

Your personal watercraft insurance policy may have exclusions, such as damage to an enhanced watercraft, and it is recommended to consider amending your policy to add extra coverage for items on the watercraft, emergency towing, or navigational limits.

Obtaining personal watercraft insurance allows you to protect one of your most valuable assets. At Jack Stone Insurance will help you find the right policy to stay protected while you’re out on the water.  Click on the link below to contact us!