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Homeowners, Were You Aware of These Myths About Homeowners Insurance?

Most homeowners know what their homeowners insurance covers and when they can file a claim. Or do they? Surprisingly few homeowners actually take the time to read through their policy and review it regularly. This results in disappointment and financial hardship when they try to file a claim for something that is not covered in their policy. To understand common

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Do You Need Condo Insurance for Your Place?

The ins and outs of condo insurance. Unlike homeowners, condo dwellers don’t own the building they live in or the land it sits on. Your condo or homeowners association (HOA) will carry a master policy to insure the building and pay for accidents that occur on outside property or in common areas. What you may fail to see is that

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How Do I Prove Proof of Loss For an Insurance Claim?

When it comes to filing an insurance claim, be sure you know what to do and receive your instant insurance quote in Brentwood, CA! The bad news is that natural disasters are unpreventable. The good news is that you can be prepared to file a claim on your homeowners, renters’ or auto insurance!  Homeowners and renters’ insurance policies typically protect

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New Year, New Home? Don’t Forget Your Credit Score, Closing Costs, & Home Insurance in Antioch, CA

If you’re buying a new home this year, don’t forget to consider your credit score, the cost of closing, and home insurance in Antioch, CA. Buying a new home is a big undertaking. That makes it perfect to do in the new year! Refreshed by the start of 2016 and energized by your resolutions, you’re in the perfect position to

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