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Home Security Technology: Keeping Your Ahead of the Burglars

Stay Ahead of Burglars by Installing Smart Home Technology   Every homeowner looks for ways to deter burglars, from locking doors, removing hidden keys under plant pots, and installing floodlights that catch them in the act. In today’s society, homeowners have access to the types of tools and systems that were once only available for celebrities and the wealthy. To

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Earth Day Tips to Help You Celebrate at Home

Get Active for the Earth   Today is World Earth Day! Planet Earth has been kind to us, yet we have not been as kind back. It’s time to take stock of things that we can do to protect the environment and help Mother Nature thrive. Here are some ways you can benefit the planet on Earth Day around the

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Simple Home Upgrades That Can Help You Save On Insurance

Reduce Insurance Costs with Home Upgrades   Every homeowner looks to save money on their insurance. While you know you need coverage, you don’t want to spend more than necessary on protecting your home. Fortunately, there are some simple home additions that can help you save money on your home insurance in Antioch, CA.   Renew the Roof The roof

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Homeowners Insurance and Your Home-Based Business

Getting Coverage for Your Home-Based Business   So many of us are jumping ship from corporate jobs and starting up our own. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a hard worker who has a side hustle, it’s likely that these ventures stem from working at home. If so, be aware that your homeowners insurance policy may not cover

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Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Internal Damage?

Interior Damage and Your Home Insurance   When homeowners think about homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA, it’s likely that they think of events such as fires, storms, and natural disasters. Few rarely think about the interior damage that can happen over time, such as water leaks and mold. Do you even know if these events are covered by your policy?

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Did Your Home Insurance Premium Increase at Renewal Time? Here’s Why

Why Your Home Insurance Premium Went Up   If you already have a home insurance policy that is close to ending, your home insurance provider is likely to offer you a renewal quote. You may have found that for the same level of cover your home insurance premium has increased. It’s a question many homeowners ask, especially when they’re looking

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Home Insurance Claims That Cause Your Home Insurance Rate to Jump Up

Home Insurance Claims That Increase Your Premium   As a homeowner, you hope that you never have to file an insurance claim. Although you have the necessary coverage in place, you hope that your home never faces damage or loss. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. When it comes time to file a claim, it’s important to be prepared for the aftermath.

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Why to Update Your Home Inventory After the Holidays

Tend to Your Home Inventory After the Gift-Giving Season   The holidays have been and gone, and now your house is home to more precious and valuable belongings, whether it’s a new TV, watch or piece of art. Whatever you gave and received over the holiday, it may be time to take a look at your home insurance in Antioch,

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What Items Are Commonly Stolen From the Home?

A Burglar’s Favorite: What Items in the Home After Often Targeted When burglars target a home, it’s likely that they think there will be a whole host of valuable items to take. Most thieves are looking for valuable belongings that they can easily carry and easily sell. They also want to get in and out as fast as possible, which

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