Will Auto Insurance in Antioch, CA Repair My Broken Windshield?

Winshield Auto Insurance in Antioch, CAYour auto insurance in Antioch, CA can help you with your damaged windshield.

It happens to the best of us. Your car is parked under a tree, near a building site, or you’re driving behind a construction truck, and somehow the windshield gets hit with debris. Rocks, stones, metal, and even plastic can pick up enough speed to pummel your windshield, causing it to crack. Believe it or not, your auto insurance in Antioch, CA could cover the damage!

Rather than ignore the small crack in your windshield, you should have it inspected to determine whether you need to simply repair the windscreen, or replace it altogether. The crack will undoubtedly get bigger with time, and should your windscreen get hit again; this can spell trouble for the driver. As a result, it’s best to replace the glass before the damage turns into a dangerous driving situation.

You may be in luck. If you have comprehensive car insurance coverage, and a glass claim is included, then chances are you are covered for a cracked windshield. First, you need to determine whether it is, in fact, a candidate for repair!

Measuring the length of the crack will help you determine the ability to repair it. For example, if the damage is quite minimal (think of a bull’s eye), then a repair is indeed an option. Generally, anything larger and longer than a 6-inch break requires a window replacement by a professional.

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