What Type of Insurance Discount to Expect for Having a Car Alarm?

One of the many ways you can lower your car insurance premium is to install an alarm system that reduces the risks of burglary or theft. Here are important facts to know about how to get a car insurance discount.

Save 2% to 10% per Year with a Car Alarm

Insurance companies offer discounts to customers to encourage better risk management strategies. Investing in a car alarm reduces risk, which favors both the insurer and the customer. But your insurance agent might not bring up a car insurance discount unless you ask about it. You can save up to ten percent a year on insurance coverage, depending on the insurer.

How Do Car Alarms Operate?

Various types of car alarms are on the market that operates in different ways. Today’s security systems are usually “always on” and ready to send alerts on suspicious activities to the owner’s smartphone app. Some alarms can be activated remotely and configured with various security options.

Most modern car alarms are computer-based with multiple sensors. They typically include a receiver, loudspeaker, and other basic parts. Despite the differences in car alarms, what they have in common is the alarm system is on when the car is locked. They also typically use door sensors so that if someone tries to steal your car, opening the door sets off a loud alarm that can deter the attempt.

Some alarm systems are able to detect broken windows or other car damage. Investing in the right alarm technology can clearly make it difficult for a criminal to steal or even occupy your vehicle.

What Are the Types of Car Alarms?

The four main types of car alarm systems are passive, active, silent, and advanced. A passive system is always on and doesn’t require its owner to take any further actions. The instant you lock your car door, the alarm is on. An active system requires the owner to turn it on, such as pressing an alarm button on a key fob. Both passive and active alarms make noise when an intruder is picked up by sensors.

Somewhat new to the market is the silent alarm, which is triggered when someone tries to break into the vehicle. No alarm is evident to the intruder, while an alert is sent to the owner. An advanced alarm system can be operated remotely, shutting down the vehicle so that it cannot be driven away. Sensors can be placed in doors, windows, and other exterior parts and even detect the area around the vehicle.

What Are the Types of Anti-Theft Discounts?

The type of car security system you choose will likely impact the discount. Modern cars usually have passive alarm systems, so the passive alarm discount is small. Some auto insurers don’t offer any discounts for these systems since they’re so common. Luckily, there are other types of anti-theft discounts available.

One of the most significant cost-cutting car insurance deals available is the Remote Shutdown or Engine Disabling System Discount. Investing in this type of technology reduces the risks of theft to near zero. Other discounts to check for include tracking and recovery systems.

Protect Your Car from Thieves with Jack Stone Insurance Agency

What you decide to purchase for car security can reduce your car insurance premium. Contact our team here at Jack Stone Insurance Agency today to learn more about how to get a car insurance discount.

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