What to Do If Your Car is Broken Into

How to Handle a Car Break-In 

You walk out the door, ready to start your day. Suddenly, you see glass surrounding your car and your heart sinks. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. A car break-in is a scene that many Americans encounter each year. After those initial feelings of shock and disappointment subside, you may be left wondering what to do next. For advice on how to handle a car break-in, read on.

  • Check your surroundings. Before you do anything else, look around to make sure you’re safe. Most of the time, vehicle burglars are only after your valuables and tend to leave quickly once the deed is done. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, however, leave your vehicle and find a safe place to call for help.
  • Write down what you lost. If your car was broken into, it’s likely the thief took some of your belongings. Whether they grabbed your laptop, smartphone, wallet, or luggage, make a list of what was taken. It’s also a good idea to take photos of your vehicle damage for reference.
  • File a police report. Call the police office’s non-emergency number. Not all break-ins can be investigated, but it is worth calling it in so that there is a report on file that your insurer can refer to.
  • File an insurance claim. Should you file a claim or not? Your independent insurance agent can walk you through the process and help you understand what to do next. Damage to your vehicle from a break-in is typically covered under your auto policy’s comprehensive coverage. If your belongings were taken, your homeowners or renters policy will be able to help.

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